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Rāmere 06 Whiringa-ā-rangi 2015

Published: 8:26PM Friday November 06, 2015

  • Tppa protestors. (Source: Seven Sharp)
    Tppa protestors. - Source: Seven Sharp

TPPA critics remain unconvinced following release of details

The Government has released the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership totalling 30 chapters, and more than 6000 pages of legal text. The secrecy around the agreement has left many New Zealanders opposing the document, and now the details are out - opponents say their worst fears have been realised.

Opportunities beckon for Māori businesses in Shanghai market

The Māori business delegation led by the Minister of Māori Affairs has arrived in Shanghai. Not only is it China's largest city at 24 million, but it's also the country's financial and transport hub where a number of the NZ firms have offices and do most of their trading. The consulate that helps promote Māori business opportunities has expanded to help accommodate the growing business in the region.

Te Mana Kuratahi: Rākaumangamanga become back-to-back champions

Two Mātaatua teams placed second and third at Te Mana Kura Tahi, primary kapa haka nationals Te Kura o Waioweka and Te Kura o Te Teko. But just like the All Blacks, Te Wharekura o Rākaumangamanga have become the first team to win the competition back to back - winning over half of the aggregate items.

‘Preserving our environment starts at the marae,’ says Para Kore

Our marae are designed to host the masses, but these days, when there are lots of people, there's usually a large amount of waste to dispose of. Para Kore is an organisation that promotes waste reduction on marae. Today they were promoting the message at Umupūia Marae and hope the word spreads far and wide.

Veteran country singer Sita Emery adds to trophy collection

She's an octogenarian who wins music awards. Country and Western singer Sita Emery has just added another gong to her long list of accolades. The groovy granny has another favourite pastime that defies her advanced years.