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Rāhina 12 Kohitātea 2015

Published: 8:53PM Monday January 12, 2015

  • Children haka at the 26th Waka Ama National Sprints (Source: Te Karere)
    Source: Te Karere

Waka Ama National Sprints continues to grow at 26-years-old

The Waka Ama nationals kicked off today with over 3000 contestants gathering at Lake Karapiro to take part in the 26th event. Today is day one of the six-day event with 61 clubs set to take part. Organisers are impressed at the steady growth of the sport and is growing in size among young and old.

Summer sun drying the Waikato out

Summer is here with blazing hot suns - but as we enjoy the sun it also means dryer lands and less water. And within the next 10 or so days the Waikato region could possibly already face a level two water restriction.

Monolingualism in English costly for NZ economy

Academics are pushing for a language policy that encourages NZers to learn more languages, starting with Te Reo Māori. According to avcademics having a national language policy that encourages learning of languages other than English will place New Zealand in a stronger foothold economically on the global scale.

Māori Language Commission voices concerns on Māori Language Strategy

Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori (Māori Language Commission) are concerned at the wavering support of Māori for the Māori Language Strategy’s "Te Mātāwai". They met with the Māori Development Minister recently and Te Taura Whiri head Poia Rewi said the main concern is that iwi will not agree to just seven representatives to represent all Māori.

New sing-a-long series Waiata Mai nurtures Māori language in children

A newly-released bilingual music video series produced by Hei Tiki Creatives has been launched today. Waiata Mai is a 'made-for-YouTube' series of 40 songs designed to engage tamariki while teaching basic Māori language sentence structures.

Police receive bomb threat at Whangarei Courthouse

Police have received a report of a bomb threat at the Whangarei Courthouse this morning. The courthouse on Bank street has been evacuated and the area around the courthouse has been cordoned off. Police are now assessing the situation and ask the public to avoid the area around the courthouse. They also ask that people in surrounding buildings remain inside.

World leaders display unity in condemning terrorist attacks in France

More than 40 world leaders linked arms today in an unparalleled show of unity in the wake of the terrorist attacks in France. They joined a march that brought over 1.5 million people to the centre of Paris, showing their revulsion and defiance at the three days of violence that killed seventeen people. There were similar gatherings elsewhere in France on a day that demonstrators stood up for democracy - freedom of speech - and the values of the French Republic.