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Rāapa 28 Whiringa-ā-nuku 2015

Published: 8:16PM Wednesday October 28, 2015

  •  (Source: Te Karere)
    Several New Zealanders are currently being held on Christmas Island awaiting deportation from Australia to New Zealand - Source: Te Karere

Whānau Ora a potential player in reintegrating deported criminals

Around 200 NZers are expected to be deported from Australia each year. Our Government has just made arrangement as to what happens to them when they arrive. However, a leader and expert in our criminal justice system says Māori groups are potential significant players in the reintegration of the mostly Māori offenders when they arrive here.

Kelvin Davis’ worst fears about conditions in Australian Detention Centres confirmed

Te Tai Tokerau MP, Kelvin Davis has returned from visiting Australian detention centres in Villawood and Christmas Island. After protracted negotiations to see the NZ detainees, Davis finally got to see eight detainees from Christmas Island on Friday and it confirmed his worst fears about conditions at these facilities concerning Australia not honouring the human rights of detainees.

Low turnout to Ngāpuhi hui hasn't thrown off ex-Tūhoronuku representative

All Ngāpuhi supporting all Ngāpuhi. That’s the aspiration of a former Tūhoronuku representative in organising a hui today. However, only a small number of Ngāpuhi turned up. Less than ten people responded to Mita Harris’ invitation to meet at Waimata Mission to seek a way for the iwi’s treaty claim to be advanced. Harris says the reason why his iwi is in the state it is in, is due to the leadership. Harris is still trying to get his iwi to unite. However, he says if it doesn’t happen by the end of the year, then it might never happen.

Tikanga Māori paramount to ensuring survival in prison

For Māori to survive prison, tikanga Māori needs to be considered in prison assessment systems. That's according to a Maori health service worker after Trevor Huriwai committed suicide in Waikeria Prison last week.

Cremation-based tangihanga becoming the norm

More and more Māori are choosing cremation over burials for their loved ones. Traditions are changing as is the law - recommendations are being put forward for the Coroner's Bill including having easier and more up to date services for everyone.

Which haka should the All Blacks perform?

There can only be one Rugby World Cup winner and the All Blacks want in. Reporter Manawa Wright took a look at the stats as to which haka statistically is better to use in the Rugby World Cup final. There are different reasons as to why which haka is better than the other - the essence of haka is to draw energy away from the opponent to and to frighten them. Te Kapa Ōpango won its first world cup in 2011 with Ka Mate winning the world cup in 1987. Perhaps a combination of the two might be the answer to the All Blacks securing their third world cup.

Indigenous sports teams meet in Palmas, Brazil for inaugural worldwide Indigenous Games

The first worldwide Indigenous Games has started today in Palmas, Brazil. There are 42 Māori athletes making up the 1500 indigenous athletes who have gathered from all over the world to participate in this new sporting event.