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Rāapa 15 Haratua 2013

Published: 7:33PM Wednesday May 15, 2013

  • Budget 2013
    Budget 2013

Budget 2013: ‘Strong focus on more jobs and better incomes’

There'll be no hand-outs in tomorrow's budget, but Finance Minister Bill English says it will provide reassurance and optimism.  There'll be housing and child poverty announcements, but will it make a difference for low income Māori families? Irena Smith looks at what we can expect.

Single mum hopes family health features in Budget

A single mother of three who is completing her doctorate lives in Te Kuiti to alleviate the financial pressure. We hear what Te Ingo Ngaia has to say about what the Government should prioritise in this year’s budget.

Kura kaupapa already feeding kids

A kura kaupapa has implemented their own ‘feed the kids’ initiative, one that was organised by families and teachers of the school. But the school says they would like financial support from the Government.

Budget 2013: Funding boost for tourism ‘a good thing’

Government will allocate an extra $158 million over four years to Tourism in the Budget tomorrow. The package will be targeted in attracting high value tourists and supporting and growing emerging and existing markets, a boost in marketing NZ to the world.

Harawira to continue lobbying for ‘Feed the Kids’ bill

Child poverty will be a focus in the Government’s Budget 2013 and there are hints of providing for a targeted food in schools programme.  But Prime Minister John Key has also reiterated his strong belief in personal responsibility.  So what does that mean for Hone Harawira's Feed the Kids Bill?  The Mana Party leader joined us today to discuss this and other current issues.

More can be done in Māori fishing industry

Māori have had a hand in the fisheries for the last 30 years, and one the Māori Fisheries Trust's main goals is to work towards Māori prosperity, but a spokesman for an iwi fisheries body says that goal has yet to be achieved.

MWDI opens new office in Wellington

Māori Women's Development is branching out, opening a new office in Wellington. Māori Women's Development supports Māori women getting into business through financial support and assistance, and it's owned, managed and operated by Māori women.