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Why aren't my pennies piling up?

Is your debt standing in the way of your goals?

Treat getting rid of your debt as a short-term goal. By creating a budget to tackle debt, you'll develop saving habits which will help you achieve your medium and long-term goals.

Your first step for managing debt is to create a budget.

Your budget will:

Click here for the Talking Money Sense guide to creating a budget.

Find out how to manage your debt

Talking Money Sense's Rae has developed a handy guide to using debt sensibly to help manage her lifestyle and budget. By incorporating her debt repayments into her monthly expenses, Rae is successfully managing her debt.

Click here for Rae's guide to debt.

Get yourself out of the red!

Check out the Talking Money Sense tips for how to reduce your debt . Research your options, including personal loans, debt consolidation and increased repayments.

Watch the video

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to watch Rae, Nicci and Marina talk about how they're achieving their goals.

Talking Money Sense: How can I achieve my goals?

Nicci's guide to setting goals
Find out how Nicci is saving for bills, travel and her first home deposit.

Marina: How setting goals early can lead to big rewards
Marina shares her tips on how to get kids excited about saving.

How much will $120 be worth in 20-30 years' time?
Get a grip on how compound interest works.

How Westpac can help you and your kids save
Find out how Westpac can help both kids and adults save, including KiwiSaver options, savings games and online calculators.

What you need to know about KiwiSaver

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