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Ways to help your kids save

Encouraging kids to save

A quick introduction to Westpac's Junior accounts

Westpac's Starter Pac: help set up your kids for life

Top ways for kids to make money

Play the savings game!

Calculate how long it will take to achieve a goal

Encouraging kids to save

Westpac's Junior accounts - top

With no transaction or account maintenance fees for children under 19 years, Westpac's Junior accounts are designed to help kids save. The Westpac Junior account is set up in the child's name, and is then established and managed by a parent/guardian as an 'Agent Transacts For' account.

It's perfect for kids who receive a small amount of money (such as pocket money or gifts). It also helps kids understand how interest works.

Click here for more information on Westpac's junior accounts.

Junior accounts for families

Designed for families with young children, the junior account for families can make it easier for adults to save regularly for expenses such as school fees, uniform costs, university costs and computer equipment.

Click here to find out how to open a junior account.

Westpac's Starter Pac: help set up your kids for life -  top

Available for customers under the age of 18, the Westpac Starter Pac is made up of a Westpac Savings account, and membership of  the Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme.

In 2010, Westpac will waive the current monthly Westpac KiwiSaver administration fee. Then if the customer makes a deposit each calendar year to their Westpac Savings account, the fee will continue to be waived until they turn 18.

Terms and conditions apply.  Click here for more information on Westpac's Starter Pac.

Top ways for kids to make money - top

Check out Westpac's handy list of ways kids can earn cash.

Play the savings game! - top

Put your child behind the wheel of Westpac's Harry the Helicopter. They'll save money and lives - click here to play the game.

Click here for more kids' games on the Sorted website.

Calculate how long it will take - top

Find out how long it will take you/your child to achieve a goal with Westpac's online calculators. 

Click here to calculate how much you'll need to save each fortnight/month to achieve your goal.

Click here to calculate how long it will take to achieve the goal.

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What you need to know about KiwiSaver

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