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I'm going on holiday but my bills aren't - what should I do?

"I've got a note in my diary in November to set up automatic payments and direct debits for the Christmas/New Year period. That way, all I need to worry about is my credit card bill."   Rae, Account Executive

There's no doubt about it, holidays can be expensive. But there is a way to ensure you can return from holiday debt free. It's great when you can start planning your next holiday without worrying about how you'll pay off the last one. It's just a matter of being prepared.

Westpac's tips for staying on top of your bills:

  • Set up a savings account with a regular automatic payment to help you save for your summer holiday
  • Register for txt/email alerts and get updates if your account goes below a certain balance, or use mobile banking to get your account balance via txt at any time
  • For bills that are due at set times, set up direct debits or automatic payments to cover them while you're on holiday. If you have a Westpac credit card with hotpoints® you can get rewarded for paying your bills - just set up your direct debits to come from your credit card account and you'll earn hotpoins. Click here for more information on direct debits and automatic payments

Plan your holiday in advance.
A holiday is a perfect example of a budget transitioning from a savings plan, to a spending plan.  The savings you put aside during the year could cover your holiday costs.

Click here to kick-start your budget.

How should I pay for my holiday?
Credit cards are accepted in most places around the world, with some Westpac credit cards accepted at over 29 million locations worldwide.  However, you may travel through areas where you can't use a credit card or EFTPOS so it's a good idea to take cash with you to ensure you're not left stranded.

Westpac's credit cards also are a good option for people who can pay most or all of their outstanding balance off each month.  Click here for more information on Westpac's credit cards.

If you have a tendency to overspend, consider using a Westpac Debitplus card .  It will allow you to only spend what's in your everyday account.

How can Westpac credit cards and hotpoints help me travel?
If you have a Westpac hotpoints credit card, pay for your holiday (within New Zealand or internationally) and you may be able to redeem your hotpoints for Hotpoints Holiday Credits to help you pay for it later. Click here to find out more about travelling with hotpoints.

Westpac Gold and Titanium credit cards have travel insurance as well which means you may be covered for your holiday if you pay for it on your card.*

What to remember when travelling overseas
Check out Westpac's tips on how to manage your money if you're going on an OE or travelling overseas. This guide will give you an idea of what you need to remember (foreign currency, travel insurance), along with tips on how to manage your accounts while you're away.

Click here for more information.

ATM locator:
Find out if there's an ATM at your holiday destination. Click here for Westpac's ATM locator.

Watch the video

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to watch Nicci, Rae and Marina reveal how they're getting sorted.

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