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Getting Started - tips to get your budget off to a good start

Westpac's Managing Your Money online tutorial offers further hints on keeping track of your money; planning and budgeting; healthy spending and how to save regularly.

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Step one: Getting started - where am I today?    
Step two: Looking ahead - where do I want to be?
Step three: How can I make sure I stick to my budget?

Oh dear ... I'm spending more than I earn!
You are not alone.  But now you can do something about it! Your new budget will allow you to set realistic goals while keeping track of where your money is going.

"When I wrote down my expenses, I realised that I'd been spending nearly $2,500 on lunch per year - and that was just stale sandwiches and snacks from the cafeteria at work!"  Rae, Account Executive

Use your budget to decide what's important so you can set your goals.

Click here for Westpac's budget calculator

Work your accounts to your advantage
From automatic payments for rent, to ensuring your bills are paid on time, Westpac has plenty of suggestions about how you can make saving easy. Click here for more details.

I need a cash injection!
Need more money? Get creative! 

  • Working part time? Think about getting another job  
  • Clean out your cupboards and drawers! Sell unwanted items on Trademe for a keen profit
  • Use your spare bedroom to your advantage. Taking on a flatmate or a boarder will significantly increase your weekly income

Watch the video

Click here to watch Nicci, Marina and Rae discuss their budgeting tips.


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