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How can I work my Westpac accounts to my advantage?

"I'm a big spender, but I've found a way to curb my spending and ensure I save - I've set up a sweep-over system to automatically transfer money into my savings account. Whenever I make a deposit that takes my current account balance over $250, the extra money moves into my savings account. This helps stop me from overspending."  Rae, Sales Executive

Step one: Getting started - where am I today?
Step two: Looking ahead - where do I want to be?
Step three: How can I make sure I stick to my budget?

Getting to grips with Payline Split

Payline Split will help you save before you spend, by dividing your income between your everyday account and your savings account. You decide how much you want to spend per day, and how much you want to save.

Get organised with Westpac Essentials

It gives you all you need to help bring your budget to life, and manage your money everyday. With Westpac Essentials you get:

  • An everyday spending account
  • A savings account
  • Internet Banking
  • A Debitplus Card

You can set up automatic payments to coincide with your payday, so the money you've budgeted to save, as well as consistent expenses (ie rent) is automatically transferred as soon as you are paid. You can't spend your bill money if it's already gone!

Are you sick of being hounded by pesky bills? Use direct debits to pay bills that vary from payment to payment (ie power, phone) or an automatic payment for bills that are a set amount each time. It's easy and cheaper to set up both direct debits and automatic payments through online banking.

Handy hint: Remember, you need to have money in your account when the payment is due to go out.

Want to maximise your saving? Westpac's handy Sweep over system will keep your current account at a consistent level. If you make a deposit that increases your account balance above a set level, the extra money will be swept into your savings account, helping you save, and helping make sure you don't overspend.

A high interest saving account with increased withdrawal fees will help you remove the temptation to spend money.

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Watch the video

Click here to watch Nicci, Marina and Rae discuss their budgeting tips.

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