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Au Fetau - Cantabrians Celebrating Samoan Language Week 2014
A Christchurch group is banding together to help maintain the Samoa language. Au Fetau was founded in 2013, and is providing a fun and friendly environment for families to learn together.

Tongans Enrich Aotearoa With Their Wisdom
Malo e lelei it's Tongan language week in Aotearoa and the theme is enrich New Zealand with the Tongan wisdom.
John Pulu spoke to some specials guests who are enriching Aotearoa with their unique talents.

Cook Island
Tagata Pasifika - Cook Islands Language Week 2014.
Our reporter John Utanga explores the Cook Islands culture during this year's Cook Islands language week.

Fijian Language Week 2014
John Pulu chats to Nemai Vucago about Fijian Language Week and the importance of language preservation

Niuean High Commissioner delivers blunt message to NZ Government
Niuean High Commissioner O-Love Jacobson delivers a blunt message to the NZ Governement. Give us more support for our language. Shimpal Lelisi has this story.

John Pulu live from Kilbirnie Wellington celebrating Tokelauean Language Week 2014

Tokelau Language Week: The art of the pa
This week we celebrate Tokelau language week by talking to carvers of pa, made from the beautiful mother of pearl shell. The pa pendant is a symbol of identity for Tokelauans and we speak to a family of pa carvers in Whangaparoa.

Tuvalu Wedding
We all love a good wedding and over the years Tagata Pasifika's covered many. From a Samoan, Tongan, the first pacific islands gay wedding and even a royal union or two, we've been there. This time we're at a Tuvalu wedding in Auckland and tying the knot is one of own presenters, Marama Papau.