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  On Thursday 7th June Tagata Pasifika broadcast a special programme on the death of Folole Muliaga.
  What happened? How? & Why? Our special correspondent Rita Ryan spoke candidly in Samoan with Folole's husband Lopaavea Muliaga about the woman, the wife and the mother....

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Folole Muliaga Special: How?
  Tagata Pasifika looks behind the headlines into the circumstances behind the sad death of Mangere mother-of-four Folole Muliaga. She died after her power was cut off, because her bill of $168.40 was overdue.

- Folole Muliaga Special: Interview
  Folole's husband Lopaavea talks about her and shares the heart-rending moments leading up to her death. He also sheds light on some of the issues the family face while trying to come to grips with life in South Auckland...

  Lopaavea and Folole Muliaga moved to New Zealand with their children six years ago. She worked as a pre-school teacher until February this year when ill health forced her to remain at home, putting a strain on the family's finances. In an interview recorded on Friday 1st June, Lopaavea Muliaga spoke candidly in Samoan with our special correspondent Rita Ryan , about the woman who was so tragically taken away...

Folole Muliaga Special: What?
  What happened on 29th May 2007 in Mangere Bridge? The day the contractor came to turn off the power, Folole was at home with her two sons whilst husband Lopaavea was at work as a Chef's Assistant. Our reporter Rita Ryan retraced the events of that fateful day with Lopaavea Muliaga ...

- Folole Muliaga Special: Why?
  We rejoin Rita Ryan and Lopaavea Muliaga as he answers the hard questions about his wife's death.

  The tragic and unnecessary loss of Folole Muliaga has pricked the conscience of the nation. We extend our condolences to the Muliaga family and will keep you posted on any developments. We end our special programme with images from Folole Muliaga's funeral.

  Tofa soifua manuia le malaga .

* TP POLL: We received over 300 votes in our Muliaga vs. Mercury Poll75% of those that voted thought that Folole Muliaga's family should receive compensation from Mercury Energy

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