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Surviving Teen Driving With Nigel Latta


About Surviving Teen Driving with Nigel Latta

Surviving Teens Driving with Nigel Latta on TV ONE

Any NZ parent will tell you; a new teenage driver in the house can be a terrifying prospect. And with good reason. NZ teen drivers have the highest death rate of fatal crashes in the OECD. Two teenagers die every week in car crashes in NZ.

Its easy for parents to feel that once their children get a licence theres little they can do to further guide their teens driving habits. But thats wrong! Research shows that parents still have an important role to play in keeping their kids safe.

Surviving Teen Driving with Nigel Latta spells out the facts on teen drivers - the riskiest time for teen drivers is during the first 6-12 months of driving alone. Teenagers still need plenty of support even after they have passed the restricted test. There is a lot that parents can do to improve things. Knowing the facts and the science, and having a strategy, can make a big difference in helping their teens drive more safely.

From dropping cars from cranes, hovering helicopters and rally driving Nigel demonstrates the differences between the adult and teen brain and how this can impact on safe driving. And more importantly, how parents can help their teens stay safe.