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Surf Club 174

Meet the Hosts: Cory and Julia

Eleven-times National and three-times World Ironman Champion; the legendary Cory Hutchings is arguably one of New Zealand's strongest and most successful athletes.

Cory is always on hand to give advice in just about all athletic pursuits, and can often be found on tour giving inspirational lectures for SPARC.

Every year Cory is hired to put the Auckland Blues through a lethal pre-season exercise regime that has the team dry wretching in less than 15 minutes while he has barely broken a sweat! Plus, he is also a Gisborne family man, with his wife and four children taking priority.

Julia Toomey is like the cool big sister every teen would love to have. The competitive surf life-saver comes from Dunedin and now studies Architecture at Auckland University.

Her father was an Olympic swimmer and her brother competes in swimming internationally, and Julia moved from this more traditional sport into Surf Lifesaving. She won the international pool challenge in Australia in October, competes for the SLSNZ Representatives in Germany in November 2007 and will compete once again at Surf League in February.

Wendy the Holden is not as stroppy as you might imagine. In fact, she starts every time, can tow anything, never over heats and can take a lot of punishment.

The classic 1963 customized wagon is Surf Club 174's mobile studio and an important personality of the show. Without her the crew can't arrive -when SC174 turns up at the beach you may even get a ride! Not only will Wendy be easily recognised; her Dukes of Hazard air horn will mark her arrival to anyone with a few kilometres ear shot.