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Superstars Of Treasure Island

Episode 3 Recap

Devastated Australian winner James Wirtanen confronted Euakafa chief Louise Wallace about reneging on her deal to send James off the island.

A teary eyed James made another plea to go home while Louise remained staunch and the team watched on silently - afraid to rock the boat and risk elimination.  Eventually Louise agreed to eliminate James in return for him helping in the challenges.  Past Celebrity winner John Cocksy Cocks summed up a lot of the team's thoughts when he quipped, 'How did a guy like that win Treasure Island? He must have had steroids. and he's come off 'em'.

Meanwhile in Taunga camp, the new chief Brent Todd was still trying to get his head around why previous chief Michael Laws was so open to losing the chiefdom.  Why would someone be so keen to give up the mighty chief's powerful position? 

The first challenge saw the two chiefs, Brent Todd and Louise Wallace, face off in a game of draughts, consuming a shot of a disgusting beverage each time they 'took' the opposition's piece. Toddy dominated the game, and Louise's defeat left many of her team questioning her position as chief.

As the sun went down Horse proved that he was the ultimate provider, catching a fish and leaving little doubt that he could look after his village, "let's face it. In an environment like this. A guy like me, from the woods. Or someone like Louise, from Remuera. Who would you pick as leader?"

Meanwhile in the opposition camp Toddy weighed up his threats, worrying that Levi or Pieta may be planning to coup, and wondering when the right time is to get rid of them.

The next day saw the contestants confused when their chief's went missing.  They were soon called to the challenge where they found out that their chiefs had in fact been kidnapped, and their task was to find their chiefs and carry them over their shoulders to the finishing line.

Knowing that they had an advantage because of Louise being much lighter than Toddy, Euakafa rushed into the challenge with full gusto, while Taunga started yelling out for their chief.

Just as Taunga had found chief Toddy, disaster hit Euakafa when James tripped and rolled his ankle.  The rest of the team knew right there that James had cut their chances of winning right down, but they charged on and found Louise.  In a close race to the finish Taunga kept ahead to claim the victory, with an ecstatic Toddy yelling  'Well Done!  You carried the biggest guy!' Euakafa were devastated with the loss- their second in a row - and it didn't take long to see who they blamed as Louise stated what was on all of their minds, "James cost us the challenge.  He fell over and rolled his ankle deliberately."

After the challenge James worried that he might not be going home after all, as the rest of the team considered his fate, and not even his Aussie mate Emma seemed to show any sympathy.

The final challenge had each contestant treading water whilst holding a flaming coconut - Brent Todd was furious to be disqualified early, claiming he could have 'easily won', while the rest of the contestants struggled once the call was made that they could only use one hand.

The two finalists ended up being the injured James versus the very first Treasure Island winner, Levi.  After a dramatic battle of endurance, Levi took out the challenge when James accidentally took his hand off the coconut.  For winning, Levi got to pick someone to get his or her personal belongings back.  Knowing he was in danger, he chose Toddy's bag - and made his vain chief the happiest man on the island.

When it came to elimination Louise followed through with her deal and sent home an ecstatic James, while Toddy decided to play it safe and eliminate the one player he felt threatened by - Michael Laws.

Then when it came to the chance to stage a coup, Horse stood up and challenged Louise - winning narrowly, while Taunga's chief Brent Todd remained unchallenged.