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About Supernatural

Supernatural, on TV2

Wednesday at 10.40pm

Sam and Dean investigate the mysterious deaths in a Live Action Role Playing Game and discover that their quirky hacker friend Charlie might be able to help.


About Supernatural

The thrilling and terrifying journey of the Winchester brothers continues in the fifth season of Supernatural.

Last season, Dean made a shocking return from the grave - raised from Hell by the Angel Castiel. 

Sam and Dean discovered that while in Hell, Dean had been tricked into breaking the first of the Sixty-Six Seals of Lucifer - seals that kept the Devil himself locked in his cage in Hell. Now, a fierce army of Angels was scrambling to keep the powerful demon Lilith from breaking the rest and setting Lucifer free.

As the year wore on and Seals continued to break, Sam worked with double-agent demon Ruby to become strong enough to kill Lilith - by drinking increasing quantities of her blood. Sam's psychic demon-fighting abilities increased, but he also became addicted to the blood - and his relationship with Dean frayed to the breaking point. 

Ultimately, Sam severed ties with Dean and went with Ruby to kill Lilith. He succeeded - and only then did he discover that Ruby had been secretly working on the side of the demons all along. Ruby's task: to manipulate Sam into killing Lilith - because Lilith's death was the final Seal. And with her fall, Lucifer's cage opened. Though Sam and Dean reunited and together killed Ruby, they were unable to stop what Sam had set into motion.

Now, Lucifer is free. The Apocalypse is here. Angels with hidden agendas are applying pressure on Dean to take his special place in a spectacular battle to slay Lucifer and bring forth Paradise - a battle sure to kill millions. 

Dean refuses to help at the expense of so many human lives. And so, against a landscape of escalating celestial violence, natural disasters foretold in the Book of Revelation, and a rising human death toll, Sam and Dean scramble for a way to do the impossible: Kill the Devil. Their only ally: Castiel, now Fallen and a fugitive from the armies of Heaven. 

Along the way, they face the type of supernatural threat that has become the show's signature - demons, vampires, the Trickster, cursed objects, wicked gods, disturbed sprits - as well as James Dean's death car, the ghosts of Lincoln, Gandhi and Jerry Garcia, a bloodthirsty creature in the form of Paris Hilton ... and a menacing, unshaven, six-foot-two Tooth Fairy out to take every last one of your teeth. Not to mention the Antichrist.

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