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Sunday: November 19, 2006

Published: 3:33PM Monday January 08, 2007

This week criminal charges were finally laid against Greg Carvell, the Auckland gunshop owner who claims he shot an armed intruder in self defence. The case raises some important questions about when self defence is justified?  How far can you go in defending yourself?  And what would you do if you found yourself in the same situation? Janet McIntyre reports

The death of a Brazilian fashion model from anorexia nervosa has once again highlighted just how big a problem eating disorders are for young women. Here in New Zealand kids as young as eleven and 12 are falling prey  and there's a real absence of dedicated clinical services to help them. Jackie Maher with the story.

If you, or someone you know needs help with anorexia some of the following groups/organisations may be of assistance.

The Eating Awareness Team offers information, counselling and support through their toll-fee number: 0800 690 233.

The Eating Disorders Association can be reached by mail or phone. Call Auckland - 09 818 9561, or write to Box 80 142, Green Bay, Auckland 1230.

Citizens Advice has listings for groups in many parts of New Zealand, offering support or counselling. The Toll Free Number for Citizens' Advice is 0800 367 222.

The North Shore Women's Centre offers information, support, courses and counselling relating to eating disorders. Their number is: 09 444 4618.

Young people will find confidential help, support and advice on many issues concerning and arising from eating disorders available from Youthline. You can call Youthline any time - for yourself or for a friend - on 0800 37 66 33.