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Sunday: November 12, 2006

Published: 3:34PM Monday January 08, 2007

Cancer cure?
There's always hesitation in announcing the next big breakthrough in cancer research. After all how many times have we heard that before and yet cancer is far from cured. In saying that we are able to tell you of a breakthrough pioneered in New Zealand producing remarkable results in treating lung, ovarian and prostate cancers. It coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Auckland Cancer Society which has backed the research right from the start. Cameron Bennett has the story.

Born bad?
Lately we've seen an alarming number of cases of babies and toddlers suffering and dying at the hands of their parents - those who should care for them the most. But now there's a radical plan to try and prevent that happening - stop it before it even starts. What's being suggested is a sort of parental warrant of fitness at birth to determine whether they are up to the job of raising a child. It's not just about the parents, it's also about preventing abused children becoming killers themselves. A warning about John Hudson's report, you might find some of the pictures disturbing.

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