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Sunday: May 20, 2007

Published: 7:53PM Tuesday May 15, 2007

On the May 20 programme...

Legacy of Lies
Nine months ago the Court of Appeal unanimously quashed Rex Haig's conviction for the murder of Mark Roderique. The judgement did not go as far as clearing Haig, but the Court of Appeal's comments pointed the finger at Haig's nephew David Hogan. 

Twelve years ago, Hogan was the major witness for the Crown in the case against Rex Haig. His testimony earned him immunity from prosecution and a $13,000 reward. In an exclusive interview with Janet McIntyre, Hogan admits he helped Haig dispose of the body but was not involved in the killing. Hogan told Sunday that he is innocent and that Rex Haig murdered Roderique.

"You call what [Haig] has done serving his time? I don't think so mate. He is not even remotely remorseful for what he has done.

"I'm portrayed by the public as a double killer - thanks to Rex. That's not right. He has destroyed my life for the last 12 years."

Hogan's statements add another twist to the story surrounding one of New Zealand's most infamous miscarriages of justice. Haig served a 10-year prison sentence, maintaining his innocence throughout. He appealed his conviction and lost, petitioned the government for mercy and was rejected, and took part in a brutal prison siege to try to draw attention to his case. In August 2006 his second appeal was successful.

In its August 2006 ruling, the Court of Appeal said "The reality is that new evidence casts major doubt on the reliability of Hogan's evidence...And provides an evidential basis for the proposition that Hogan murdered the deceased."

The Court of Appeal judged that too much time had gone by to retry the case, leaving David Hogan as the prime suspect in a case that will never go to court.

Both men maintain their innocence and each blames the other for the way the events of 12-years-ago have continued to haunt them. In an interview with Sunday last year, Haig told McIntyre he has cut all ties with his nephew.

"I wouldn't have anything to say to [Hogan]. If the police don't sort him out, I'm sure that God will."

In this week's interview, Hogan commented "You're not meant to hate anyone but I strongly hate Rex Haig. I will be happy when he is six foot under himself."

Dying To Be Thin
Should ultra skinny models be banned? The fashion industry says it is being unfairly blamed for the size zero phenomena. Spain has banned ultra thin models from its fashion week but other fashion capitals refuse to follow suit. Is size zero being driven by Hollywood or the catwalks?

Song Smith
Nobody expected it to be a hit or its singer to be a star, but Bathe in the River catapulted Hollie Smith into the New Zealand pop charts.  Hollie was a cult hit in the United States at the age of 15 singing Celtic songs but Jackie Maher discovers that she wants to use her incredible voice to launch a stupendous solo career singing jazz and the blues.

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