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Sunday: June 10, 2007

Published: 1:20PM Thursday June 07, 2007

What should be done?
David Bain is a free man for now. He was convicted of murdering his entire family but the Privy Council says there was a miscarriage of justice.  Jackie Maher examines the arguments for and against a re-trial.

Operation Crevice
British intelligence uncovered an Islamic terrorist plot to explode a fertiliser bomb in a shopping mall but now serious questions are being asked about what they knew that might  have prevented the July bombings in the London underground.

Animal Whisperer
Welcome to the extraordinary world of Mark Vette, a man who makes his living from training four legged furry creatures to star in television commercials.  Mark Crysell discovers the only thing Vette hasn't mastered yet is making them talk - and given his track record that may only be a matter of time.

For more information about Marke Vette, check out his website

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