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What Really Happened: Votes for Women

What Really Happened? The Women's Vote on TV ONE

 It is October 1892, and the Documentary Maker  (this time, female) has arrived at Kate Sheppard's house to tell the story of her involvement in the suffrage campaign. 

A petition with over 20,000 signatures has recently been presented to Parliament and it's expected by many, that women will finally be enfranchised after seven years of intense campaigning. 

However, there is a last minute 'betrayal' by the government and the bill is defeated in the Legislative Council.  So the Documentary Maker continues to cover the campaign for nearly a year, through all the highs and lows, travelling also to Wellington, Dunedin and Auckland, until September 1893, when the women of NZ finally gain the vote.  

Key figures in the campaign are interviewed and observed - from Kate Sheppard's House, to Parliament House in Wellington, to the Sweat Shops of Dunedin. Photographs and political cartoons at the time are used as well.

The end result is a 'fly on the wall' style documentary film, dramatising some of the key moments in the final year of the campaign for women's suffrage in NZ.