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Wake up call

Published: 2:07PM Thursday September 09, 2010 Source: Sunday

Wake up call
What have we learned from the Canterbury quake? The seismologists tell us there's a 60% chance of another magnitude 7 quake somewhere in the country within 10 years and a one in 10 chance of it happening within a year.

Scary! It's a wake up call, because if we don't invest in earthquake proofing our old buildings, then people, are going to die next time - either fix them or pull them down is the advice.

Is it scaremongering or is it a timely warming? SUNDAY's Ian Sinclair is on the ground in Christchurch and has been peering into the future.

PRODUCER - Dale Owens
CAMERA - Ken Dorman
EDITORS - Andy Gibb and Paul Sparks

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