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Vitamin C: Health or hindrance?

Published: 3:29PM Thursday September 16, 2010 Source: ONE News

Health or hindrance?
What's in an orange apart from juice, pips and pith?

For increasing numbers of cancer sufferers there's also hope in oranges, but is it false hope? They are pumping themselves with highly concentrated Vitamin C in the hope of buying more time and even getting better.

Mainstream medicine often warns them off Vitamin C therapy because they argue there's not enough research to back it.

However, New Zealand scientists have now taken a crucial first step in deciphering how Vitamin C might affect tumour growth.

This week a debate where emotion and science clash head on.

Correspondent - Simon Mercep
Producers - Dale Owens, Julia Sartorio
Camera - Clint Bruce, Phil Melville, Blair Martin
Editor - Will Kong

Sunday, 7.30pm on TV ONE - Where there's a story, we'll find it.

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