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Sunday: Sept 28, 2008 - Dr Disaster 2

Published: 11:28AM Friday September 26, 2008

Dr Disaster 2
New damning information on Dr Roman Hasil: Dr Disaster. He's the Slovakian who botched eight sterilisation procedures on New Zealand women. Now we know he's the same man who terrorised his ex-wife with a knife and allegedly threatened to chop her into bits. Sunday finds out about Dr Hasil's dark past. The stories will shock.

Controlled Demolition?
Was it fire or strategically placed explosives that felled the third tower on 9/11 - the 47th storey WTC 7?  According to the official story it was fire that collapsed the skyscraper and home to the CIA. But others are cynical. Fires have never before destroyed a steel skyscraper, and they believe the rubble was shipped offshore before investigators could get to it. It's one of the great conspiracy theories.

SUNDAY - Where there's a story, we'll find it.

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