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Sunday: Quake aftermath

Published: 7:37PM Sunday March 06, 2011 Source: Sunday

Building safety
As the death toll mounts from the Christchurch earthquake,questions are already being asked about whether we should have placed so much trust in our buildings. And whether lives could have been saved if those buildings were checked more thoroughly after last September's quake.

The painful questions are being made with the wisdom of hindsight, but they are coming both from grieving families and the city council itself.

Ian Sinclair has more.

Coroner Sue Johnson
Coroner Sue Johnson's job may be among the most difficult in the country as she manages the process of identifying the many dead in Christchurch.

The mother and grandmother says she cares for and about those who didn't make it. She was prompted into speaking to Sunday after Prime Minister John Key said the slow progress in releasing the names of victims was farcical.

Johnson chats with Ian Sinclair.

John Sellwood in Lyttelton
As the media lept into action in the immediate aftermath of the quake, former TVNZ reporter John Sellwood was already on-air, painting a graphic picture of the destruction wrought on his home town of Lyttelton.

The marriage celebrant was on the end of a phone, describing how he and his wife Helen were forced out of their home.

Selwood shares a personal account of what followed.

Blonde bombshell
No girl is hotter right now on the catwalks of Paris than a tall slim 19-year-old Australian - boy. The svelte figure modelling the latest women's fashions is actually a man.

The blonde bloke from Melbourne with deceiving looks has been described as the most beautiful woman in the world.