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Sunday May 9: Meet and cheat

Published: 11:11AM Friday May 07, 2010 Source: Sunday

Meet and cheat
He is the man who says life is too short, so get out and have an affair. He says it could help save your marriage - and your infidelity could put money in his pocket. We investigate the world of Ashley Madison, where married couples and partnered people pay, then meet, then cheat. He claims he's only giving married people the opportunity to do what they are already doing...

PRODUCER - Max Adams
EDITOR - Will Kong
CAMERA - Max Adams

French dressing
A Tunisian woman in Italy has been fined for wearing a face veil on the way to the local mosque. Belgium's lower House wants the burqa banned and now French President Nicholas Sarkozy has waded in saying France "can't accept women being prisoners behind a screen". It's an excruciating dilemma facing French women who wear the top-to-toe cover-all to show their commitment to Islam. They demand the freedom to choose - but President Sarkozy says it's simply not the French way.


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