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Sunday June 7: Fresh start

Published: 4:28PM Thursday June 04, 2009 Source: Sunday

Fresh start
What to do with a thousand of the country's worst youth offenders? Put them in uniform, a bit of good old-fashioned military discipline. Is that the answer? It's part of the answer, says the government. But expert critics question whether the haircuts, saluting and marching really do work. SUNDAY investigates military style camps.

Conked out
Fifty years ago, American car companies dominated the world. Four out of every five cars in the world were made in the US, half them by GM. This week GM was placed in bankruptcy and thousands of jobs shed. Detroit Michigan, aka 'Motor City' and home to GM was once a proud shiny, brassy city but is now a ghost town, a hollowed out shell of abandoned factories, derelict houses and deserted streets. What went wrong with the US motor industry?

Huffington Post
She's the queen of new media - Ariana Huffington. While newspapers are closing and TV fights for viewership, Ariana Huffington's online newspaper The Huffington Post is flourishing. Twenty million readers a month and unprecedented advertising. SUNDAY thumbs through the Huffington Post and talks to its inspirational editor.

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