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Sunday: July 5, 2009

Published: 1:10PM Friday July 03, 2009 Source: Sunday

Laid bare
SUNDAY returns to the small Victorian town of Kinglake, which suffered more than most in Australia's worst ever natural disaster, the Victorian bushfires. How is Kinglake coping six months on? From the ashes new problems have grown - stress, alcohol and drug abuse, anxiety, anger. The world has moved on but Kinglake is still in shock. And serious questions are being asked of firefighters...

Personification of evil
For 20 years he worked quietly, building an arms trafficking empire without equal, supplying weaponry to insurgencies and terrorists and drug traffickers around the world. Then he was lured into the open by an operation based entirely on an elaborate sting. The dramatic manhunt to bring down Vikta Bout - the man who dealt in death, destruction and human misery.

SUNDAY - Where there's a story, we'll find it.

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