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Sunday: Gok Wan's struggle

Published: 1:01PM Friday January 22, 2010 Source: SUNDAY

  • Gok Wan
    Gok Wan

Gok Wan struggle
He was dealt the triple whammy: He was Chinese, he was fat and he was gay. But now of course he's the wildly flamboyant and most loved TV fashion guru, dishing out a mix of style, self-esteem and feel good advice. But during earlier dark days Gok Wan was 21 stone, introverted and self loathing. It's probably why we love the guy - he's been there, battled weight, fought the self esteem issues and come out the other side.

The price is right
SUNDAY revisits its story on supermarkets. New Zealanders pay more for their groceries than most other countries in the developed world. The price of food at our supermarkets has rocketed 42.5% in the last decade - faster than Australia, Britain and America according to latest studies. Why? And what can shoppers do about it? How to fight the supermarkets and win.

For more information on acquiring food locally, economically and sustainably, take a look at new website It's a website that can turn excess fresh produce from any garden into cash (or a food swap) and encourage sustainable food production in the process.

The beautiful game
It was one of the defining sporting moment of 2009. The whole country stopped for 90 minutes in November and by game's end the All Whites were bound for the World Football Cup in South Africa - for the first time in 30 years. There were extraordinary scenes of jubilation both on the pitch and in the dressing room afterwards. SUNDAY was given unprecedented access to the team and recorded the wild celebrations.

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