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Sunday: September 9

Published: 5:32PM Tuesday September 04, 2012 Source: ONE News

The tattoo taboo
Young Kiwi women are the most tattooed in the world it seems . For most a "tat" is the most exciting decision of their life, for others it brings years of shame and regret.
Self-mutilation or art? An act of rebellion or a statement of self?  Why are our young women so willing to get inked up? Sunday examine the personal cost and pain of having,  and getting rid of an unwanted tattoo.

Correspondent - Peter Cronshaw
Producer - Mark Sleeman
Editor - Belinda Trott

A father's love
When Jackson Keleher was born doctors said he would never walk and he would never talk. He had severe brain damage,  quadriplegic  Cerebral Palsey,  from oxygen deprivation at birth and the doctors said he would be disabled for life. But they didn't count on the power of a father's love. Jackson's Dad gave up everything to devote every moment to his little boy. Two years later, after an incredible journey of pain, joy and inspiration, this plucky toddler stood up for the very first time. A particularly heart warming story.

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