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Sunday: September 25

Published: 11:45AM Thursday September 22, 2016 Source: Sunday

  • Moana Maniapoto (Source: Sunday)
    Moana Maniapoto - Source: Sunday


SUNDAY meets the Waikato mum who’s been described as an “earth angel”.
Jen Christiansen reaches out to brave Kiwi parents who’ve been devastated by the loss of a child.
She helps them to preserve memories of their children, in a very special way, and in doing so, she's teaching them to find hope – after heartache.

Reporter: Jehan Casinader
Producer: Kim Peacock
Cameras: Cam Williams, Ken Dorman
Editor: Paul Anderson


She may be a trained lawyer, motivational speaker, half-Ironman competitor and mother of two, but Moana Maniapoto is best known as one of our country’s greatest musical exports.
And this week, she’s being inducted into the NZ Music Hall of Fame.
Maniapoto is a proudly Maori musician, who sings in te reo, but with that, she says, comes expectation. Too Maori or not Maori enough?

Reporter: Sonya Wilson
Producer: Mark Sleeman
Camera: Ken Dorman
Editor: Debbie Matthews


It was an audacious child-snatch operation in Beirut that appeared to be ill-fated from the start.
The Brisbane Mum trying to get her kids back and everyone else involved ended up a filthy, crowded prison.
And the role of Australian current affairs programme, ’60 Minutes’ was tainted by lies and more than half a million dollars changing hands.
Adam Whittington - the man behind the plan to pluck the children out of Beirut - tells us what happened and how it went so wrong.

Sunday Night - Channel 7

Sunday Night approached Channel Nine for a response, their statement is below:

Adam Whittington's company CARI had a contract to provide a service to Sally Faulkner, a desperate mother who believed he was her only hope to be united with her children. In particular:

• Clause 2 of the contract between CARI and Ms Faulkner states "that CARI will use accepted standard professional practices particular to the abducted child recovery field, as and when deemed appropriate in CARI's sole discretion, to secure a positive result in this matter" (emphasis added) and "CARI will continue our services until your child is home and will not request any more money for our fees".

• Clause 3 states "client shall at all times fully cooperate with CARI in any and all ways requested by CARI;....(i) not attempt in any manner, during the Term of this Agreement, to take any steps independent of CARI including making contact with any organisation not previously approved by CARI to recover the Abducted Person."

After the contract between CARI and Ms Faulkner was agreed to, 60 Minutes entered into an interview agreement with Sally.

Sally Faulkner elected that her interview fee be paid directly to CARI, as she owed them money under her contract. Nine has previously publicly acknowledged that we made these payments.

The 60 Minutes EP had no knowledge of any member of the Nine team being in the vehicle during the recovery.

Mr Whittington was solely in charge of the operation. This includes the selection of boat that was to be used by Mr Whittington. Mr Whittington has never requested any further payment from Nine other than a substantial payment to NOT "tell his story."

Details of the court approved civil settlement with Ali Elamine's family are confidential.


Sunday, TV ONE, 7PM


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