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Sunday: September 2

Published: 3:28PM Wednesday August 29, 2012 Source: Sunday

Enough's enough
It's cheaper, the food's better, it's healthier and they get paid twice as much. And for those personal reasons Kiwis Kristal and Jordan are now honorary Aussies and don't intend ever coming home. They're just two of 54,000 Kiwis who left for the good life in the lucky country in the past 12 months. All they needed was an air ticket and a suitcase to get in. But how long will that last...because a Federal MP is campaigning to have Australia's front door closed to Kiwis because it can't afford us any more.
Correspondent - Ian Sinclair
Producer - Max Adams
Camera - Dave Pierce
Editor - Belinda Trott

World beater
How did kayaker Lisa Carrington beat the best in the World at the London Olympics?. She was an unknown when she paddled up to the start line in the K1 200 final. However a blistering forty seconds later this shy 23-year-old was a household name.
Correspondent - Janet Mcintyre
Producer - Dale Owens
Camera - Ken Dorman
Editor - Will Kong

Sun, sea and surgery
More and more people are jetting off to Thailand for everything from breast implants, to hip replacements and root canals. There are no waiting lists at Thailand's flash private hospitals and procedures cost about a third of the price at home. Of course medical authorities warn patients are taking big risks but the cost and the convenience is too big a lure - medical tourism in Thailand is booming.
Sunday Night - CH7

"Two little boys"
It's a movie about blokes and friendship with some rogue animals, bad language and body parts thrown in. Add Brett McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords and you have the makings of a reasonable black comedy. SUNDAY was on set for the making of some of Two Little Boys...which is about to hit the screens.
Correspondent - Janet Mcintyre
Producer - Jane Skinner
Editor - Will Kong

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