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Sunday: September 16

Published: 2:48PM Wednesday September 12, 2012 Source: Sunday

In The Name Of Love
"That's it, see ya!" said Rosie Mott in a brave video message to her family. And with that, she prepared to leave this world with the help of her husband, Evans. He says he did it as an act of love. But Rosie's daughter lives with the pain of how her mother left her - and now Evans himself, is branded a criminal. How far do you go in the name of love? What would you have done? Correspondent: Janet McIntyre
Producer: Carolyne Meng-Yee
Camera: Ken Dorman
Editor: Will Kong

Air Angels
Nature delivered a cruel blow on a little boy called Magic. He was born with an acute cleft palate. Immediately the problem is Magic struggles to feed he can't suck. The bigger picture means 20 years of dental and surgical procedures at a hospital hundreds of kilometres from home. Then from over the horizon, from out of the sky a godsend the air angels descended for Magic. The people operating Magic's flight, Angel Flight NZ, are looking for more pilots.
Correspondent: Phil Vine
Producer: Dale Owens
Camera: Ken Dorman, Dave Pierce, Clint Bruce
Editor: Belinda Trott

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