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Sunday: October 9

Published: 5:06PM Thursday October 06, 2016 Source: Sunday

  •  (Source: ONE News)
    Source: ONE News

Just how did archaeologists link the discovery of human remains to a young New Zealander with a thirst for adventure? 

A rare discovery on a World War 1 battlefield has led to a mystery being solved 101 years after a young kiwi soldier’s death.

Reporter: Ian Sinclair
Producer: Steve Butler
Camera: Peter Day, Ken Dorman
Editor: Paul Anderson

After putting 20 million meals on our tables, has Nadia Lim become our favourite domestic goddess?

She has a brand- new venture. Nadia shares her nerves, mistakes, the secrets of her family life and more with Sunday.

Reporter: Janet McIntyre
Producer: Louisa Cleave
Camera: Peter Day
Editor: Paul Anderson

Sunday, TVNZ 1, 7PM

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