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Sunday: October 7

Published: 4:01PM Wednesday October 03, 2012 Source: Sunday

Stolen Jewels
They are nature's jewels and as old as the land itself. The jewelled gecko - just one of our native lizards - is highly protected and it's illegal to capture or disturb them.
However they are highly prized by wildlife smugglers. Geckos can fetch as much as $10,000 each in Europe, which means the lizards are being plundered to extinction.
On SUNDAY, the smugglers, their modus operandi and the losing battle.
Correspondent: Peter Cronshaw
Producer: Mark Sleeman
Camera: Dave Pierce
Editor: Will Kong

Bushy's Other Love
"Bushy", better known as photographer Peter Bush, has been having a 50 year affair - all faithfully recorded on film of course. When he wasn't sideline at a rugby test he was shooting pictures at Mesopotamia - the magnificent and historic Canterbury sheep station butted hard up against the southern alps.
On SUNDAY, Bushy unveils a vivid portrait of a special place where 150 years of station life have been played out.
Correspondent: Mark Crysell
Producer: Max Adams
Camera: Phil Melville
Editor: Nigel McPhee

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