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Sunday: May 4

Published: 6:49PM Tuesday April 29, 2014 Source: Sunday

  • Mike Nager and John Hudson (Source: Sunday)
    Mike Nager and John Hudson - Source: Sunday


A knife to his face and bleach thrown in his eyes, Mike Nager will never forget the morning of his attack.

The Northland environmental officer was about to testify in court – but instead ended up in hospital wondering if he'd ever see again.

The issue? Nager says it’s money – many millions of dollars of Northland's natural riches at stake. It's the black gold rush.

The swamp kauri trade is booming and such is the demand that people are prepared to break the law for it.

Reporter :  John Hudson
Producers: Kate Evans, Chas Toogood
Camera: Cameron Williams, 
Editor:  Belinda Trott


Once a year in the small Mexican town of Tultepec there's the most explosive celebration in the world. It's a blast - literally.

For nine days, using 80 tonnes of gunpowder, 100,000 people celebrate amongst the sparks, flames and smoke of this spectacular fireworks festival.

The main event involves 300 man-made bulls laden with fireworks 'running' along the streets.

It's a cracker of a story. 

Channel 7 'Sunday Night'

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