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Sunday: March 31

Published: 5:56PM Wednesday March 27, 2013 Source: Sunday


What could be behind the words: 'MADE IN CHINA'. Can it mean products made by tortured and beaten prisoners in that country's cruel penal system? And could it mean products made by prison slaves have found their way into our homes? A Wellington businessman who claims he was tortured into working while serving in a Chinese prison tells of his ordeal and how Western companies may be profiting.


PRODUCER - Dale Owen

CAMERA - Ken Dorman

EDITOR - Will Kong

The team that never played

They were the team that never played. Eleven young Dunedin students who set out for the Universities Easter tournament 45 years ago. They never even made it to the ground, never bowled a ball. History intervened, but but they still returned home as legends, as heroes.


PRODUCER-Steve Butler

CAMERA-Ken Dorman

EDITOR-Belinda Trott

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