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Sunday: June 26

Published: 10:06PM Thursday June 23, 2011 Source: Sunday

Arthur William Taylor

(Video not currently available online for legal reasons.)

He is the bane of the prison system the court and the police alike. Dangerous and manipulative, a criminal with no social or moral conscience they say.

Arthur William Taylor, armed robber, escaper , P ring conspirator. He boasts more than 130 convictions. But how was he able to be the centre of a P ring from behind bars at our toughest prison? And what else is he doing from his prison cell? It'll surprise you.


PRODUCERS - Alison Horwood, Joanne Mitchell

CAMERA - Dave Pierce, Ken Dorman

Stroke of genius

Sarah Gapp was a vivacious high-flying 21-year-old when she was struck down by a massive stroke. She could see and hear and think but she couldn't move a muscle. "Locked in Syndrome" they call it.

No treatment or cure, and few survive. But Sarah and her mother fought back and with perseverance, love and a sensitive stimulating touch they awakened Sarah's brain. It's a story that offers hope to thousands of stroke sufferers.

SUNDAY NIGHT - Channel 7

(Video not available online due to copyright restrictions)

The Haulers

They're diehard shoppers, mainly women, and they like nothing more than buying things then posting videos of their catch. Their "haul" online. It's the fastest growing trend hitting the web. The twist is that a couple of haulers have developed a following, a big following, almost 2-million YouTube subscribers demanding to know what they bought and why? Where to find the bargains and what's hot.
What the haulers say translates into huge sales.


(Video not available online due to copyright restrictions)



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