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Sunday June 19

Published: 1:37PM Thursday June 16, 2011

Living Dead?
Straight from our X-Files, the baffling and bizarre story of east clashing with west, philosophy clashing with science.

On Tuesday May 24, a Dunedin man died and was certified dead by a doctor.

But he couldn't be cremated because his followers believed he was still alive -that he was in a meditative state and his spirit lingered on in his body.

Sunday correspondent John Hudson saw the body this week. It was still at home nearly three weeks after the death and there was no sign of rigor mortis, no smell. He says it was one of the weirdest and spookiest things he has encountered in all his years as a journalist.

The Dunedin doctor who signed the death certificate is baffled.

Sunday tries for an explanation.

Correspondent - John Hudson
Producer - Julia Sartorio/Chris Cooke
Camera - Mike Dodd/Ross Wilson
Editor - Elizabeth Topping

Retreat Road
They've been resilient - until now. They're residents of Retreat Road in Avonside, Christchurch. For nine months they rolled with the forces of nature that tried to bow and break them.

Earthquakes and aftershocks, flooding and silting, cold dark nights with no power and toilets. Now at least one family has finally broken. They're off to Australia and they'll walk off the land if they have to.

Their neighbours are sticking it out.

Sunday has spent the week at Retreat Road and shares their heartbreak, their fears, their frustrations and their hopes.

Correspondent - Ian Sinclair
Producer - Dale Owens
Camera - David Pierce
Editor - Heloise Le Gros

Mind of your own
Dr Charlie Teo is a brash, bagpipe-playing motor-biker who removes brain tumours and saves lives.

Australia's high-profile neuro-surgeon is adored by his patients and scorned by many of his peers, but widely regarded as a refreshing and challenging but complicated individual.

Teo is a self described maverick. His patients see him as a miracle worker; the media loves him because he is accessible and speaks his mind. All of which doesn't sit comfortably with the medical establishment.

(Video not available online due to copyright restrictions)

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