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Sunday: June 14

Published: 8:19AM Friday June 12, 2015

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Someone To Love

What do New Zealanders really want in life? that was a question posed more than forty years ago by then Prime Minister Norman Kirk.

His answer was simple and enduring - New Zealanders they don't ask for much, he said, someone to love, somewhere to live, somewhere to work and something to hope for.

This week we continue our four-part investigation into how we've changed in the past four decades.

And ask the same question ..are we getting what we want?

Reporter - John Hudson
Producer - Kate Evans
Camera - Ken Dorman
Editor - Paul Anderson

Lost And Found

Steve, Julie, Gary and Kim grew up with completely different lives.

A family of orphans - the four brothers and sisters found each other under what would seem impossible circumstances.

All of them were abandoned by the same mother - all four didn't know each other existed.

Then an extraordinary twist of fate set up an chain of discovery. It took a little time but this broken family came together.

Channel 7 Sunday Night

The Underdogs

Once Jazz was just an underdog... a mongrel. One of thousands to be put down at the pound every year.

But Carolyn Press-Mckenzie has made it her mission to rescue unwanted animals like Jazz from death row..

Offering them a new life.. in the most extraordinary places.

And Jazz's story.. is one of the most remarkable.

Reporter - Ian Sinclair
Producer - Louisa Cleave
Camera - Peter Day
Editor - Will Kong

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