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Sunday: June 12

Published: 10:51AM Thursday June 09, 2016 Source: Sunday

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    Source: TVNZ

Milk sisters

It's an underworld that's growing, quietly - almost covertly. Women are going online and sharing their own breast milk to feed other women’s babies.

Why are they doing this? Is it safe?  And how do they actually make it work?

Sunday follows two amazing women, their bond and drive to change attitudes towards this growing phenomenon.

Reporter: Lisa Davies
Producer: Julia Sartorio
Camera: Ken Dorman
Editor: Debbie Matthews

Rhino warrior

There are only three northern white rhinos left in the world. Despite a massive conservation effort, poaching and war has pushed these majestic animals to the brink of extinction.

We meet the dedicated scientists and their ground- breaking ‘frozen zoo’ that is the northern white rhino’s best hope for survival.

Channel 7 Sunday Night

Sunday, TV ONE, 7pm

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