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Sunday: July 22

Published: 8:22PM Tuesday July 17, 2012 Source: Sunday


It seems one of the more outrageous ideas of our time. Opening our last unspoiled eco system to buses, a monorail and countless tourists. Fiordland is dramatic, beautiful, wild and remote. It's acclaimed internationally, carries World Heritage Park status and has been described as the eighth wonder of the world. Now a couple of entrepreneurs want to drive a road tunnel through the mountains into Fiordland and build a monorail - could the unthinkable really happen?


PRODUCER - Julie Clothier

CAMERA - Clint Bruce

EDITOR - Belinda Trott


Why are dinky-di Aussie women and fun-loving feminists choosing to cover up? They've taken to wearing Burqas , covered from head to foot in the name of Islam. They say they're far from oppressed - driving fast cars, jumping out of planes and challenging anyone who questions their right to wear the veil. And there's a lot of that. There's "burqa rage" out there on the streets of Australia.

RANI SADLER - 'Sunday Night' CH7


How old is too old to become a father? Harvey Keitel did it when he was 65, Road Stewart was 66 and Pablo Picasso 67. These days a lot of men are doing it later, 50 is the new 30 and 60 the new 40. Auckland cartoonist Peter Bromhead broke local records when he plunged back into fatherhood aged 78, yes 78.


PRODUCER - Louisa Cleave

CAMERA - Clint Bruce

EDITOR - Will Kong