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Sunday: July 08

Published: 4:39PM Wednesday July 04, 2012 Source: Sunday

Who is Greg King?
It is the courtroom trial that has mesmerised the nation - did Ewen Macdonald murder his brother-in-law Scott Guy?
Well earlier this week, the jury did exactly as defence lawyer Greg King asked and it acquitted Ewen Macdonald.
King made an intense plea to the jury - insisting the evidence just didnt stack up and that the Crown case had failed.
And in closing, it was Kings gripping version of events that stole the show.
With a successful track record representing some of the countrys most high profile killers,  SUNDAY speaks exclusively to Greg King and find out what makes him tick.
Correspondent - Amanda Millar
Producers - Alison Horwood, Jo Mitchell, Mark Sleeman
Camera - Dave Pierce, Peter Day
Editor - Belinda Trott

Smart Addicts
Almost half of us have one, the rest of us probably want one. In five years, say the experts - we'll all have the gadget in our pocket that connects us to the rest of the world.
So while it might seem were well connected, are our relationships suffering? Are we living much of our life through a tiny LCD screen?
The so-called smart phone - a few years ago, we'd never heard of it -  now it's giving rise to a whole new kind of addiction.
Correspondent - Janet McIntyre
Producer - Louisa Cleave
Camera - Ken Dorman,  Dave Pierce, Peter Day
Editor - Will Kong

Cotton Candy Girl
Pop superstar Katy Perry is on the eve of launching her warts-and-all documentary or, what she calls a backstage pass, front row seat and honest mad diary of Katy on and off the stage.
She sits down with Molly Meldrum for a heart to heart about her life before and after marriage to Russell Brand.
Sunday Night - Channel 7 

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