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Jay-Jay and Dom's IVF battle

Published: 12:21PM Wednesday May 26, 2010 Source: Sunday

This week, SUNDAY, 7:30pm TV ONE, features a raw and powerful story that follows radio host Jay-Jay Feeney's battle to conceive.

Jay-Jay and her husband Dominic Harvey are morning radio hosts on The Edge.

Five years ago Dominic had a stomach tumour. He survived the surgery, the tumour was removed, but it left him with a very low sperm count.

SUNDAY's John Hudson and Julia Sartorio have been following the highs and lows of their journey through the IVF programme and were privy to very intimate moments, such as Dom's testicular biopsy and Jay-Jay's egg collection.

Dom and Jay-Jay agreed to journal their deeply personal experience in a video diary. The footage makes this three-part programme one of the most revealing, honest and raw stories ever seen on the emotional rollercoaster ride through IVF.

PRODUCER - Julia Sartorio
EDITOR - Will Kong
CAMERA - Clint Bruce and Ken Dorman

Annus horribilis
SUNDAY is at the exclusive King's College is Auckland where the school is coming to terms with the unthinkable - the death of three students. How are they coping?

PRODUCER - Steve Butler
EDITOR - Nigel McPhee

Gentle giants
Are you troubled by your conscience? Do you angst about what is right and wrong with your behaviour or motives? Seems we aren't the only ones. African elephants share exactly the same feelings. On SUNDAY the amazing inner lives of the elephant.


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