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'I can make you walk again'

Published: 1:38PM Sunday July 20, 2014 Source: Sunday

Mike Ansari is making an extraordinary claim; he says he can get Shirley Ness walking again.

"I told her, that once I start working with her she will be able to walk again without any help."

Why is this so extraordinary? Well, 16 years ago Shirley Ness had a stroke, leaving her severely disabled - her left arm un-useable and one leg so badly damaged she is unable to walk without support.

"I'd like to be more mobile" Shirley told TV ONE's Sunday programme "and to be able to walk without the stick".

Encouraged by results Ansari has had with other stroke victims, she has agreed to three months of his therapy and to let Sunday follow her progress.

Daughter Amalia is also hopeful "If she wants something done, she'll do it".

Ansari uses a combination of motivation and physical therapy "The power of the mind is limitless" he says "I use that power to create a confidence which overcomes the matter."

In the first session there are promising results "Your muscles haven't moved for 16 years, I want you to think about the time you used to move your toes" Mike says as he massages her leg. We see Shirley's toes twitch "What was that? You can feel it? Yes I can feel it".

It seems a miraculous start, but can Mike Ansari really get Shirley Ness walking without a stick and regain the use of her arm after 16 years?

You can see her remarkable journey on Sunday, TV ONE, at 7pm.

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