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Sunday: February 22

Published: 4:24PM Wednesday February 18, 2015 Source: Sunday

  • Sunday: February 22 (Source: Sunday)
    Source: Sunday

Oh boy!

Boisterous boys - they can drive parents, and teachers, to distraction. But is that such a bad thing?
Well, some educators argue it's actually a good thing. And they warn some schools are restricting boys too much, with potentially disastrous consequences.
Boys, they say, are failing in the classroom because the education system simply isn't boy friendly.

Reporter - Ian Sinclair
Producers - Steve Butler, Chris Cooke
Camera - Peter Day
Editor - Will Kong

White gold

Camel milk - It looks like cow's milk, even tastes a lot like it - but that is where the similarity ends. Because around the world scientists are discovering this ancient super food could have extraordinary healing powers.

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