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Sunday: February 19

Published: 2:53PM Wednesday February 15, 2012 Source: Sunday

Cherry Blossom Tragedy
Twenty two students on the great Kiwi adventure - first time out of Japan and high on excitement. But only nine of them would make it home alive.

Just three days into their trip &a 6.3 magnitude earthquake brought down the Christchurch CTV building where the students were learning English. Buried alive in the rubble, the students made desperate, terrified calls home.

Back in Japan disbelieving parents watched the disaster unfold on television.

"Oh my god, my daughter!! cried one distraught father in the Japanese city of Toyama.

Mark Crysell has been in Japan talking to those parents and the survivors. He has a story of heartache, hope and courage.
Correspondent - Mark Crysell.
Producer - Julie Clothier
Camera - Ken Dorman
Editor - Elisabeth Topping

The Sunday crew travelled to Japan with the assistance of the Asia: NZ Foundation.

Miracle Workers
It's hard to believe. It doesn't matter how many times Christchurch people have been knocked down, they just keep on getting up.

John Hudson, who was in Christchurch the day of the quake, journeys back to see how the people in his stories have survived their year from hell.

And amazingly ..they're all still there and still smiling.
Correspondent - John Hudson
Producers - Chris Cooke and Steve Butler
Camera - Ken Dorman
Editor - Will Kong

When 14-year-old Coen Ashton popped up on  television in Australia recently, people loved him.  Despite life throwing  Coen a cruel curve ball, he is a chirpy, infectious and inspirational teenager who is using his own misfortune to engage a nation and change attitudes.

The country even gave him a medal for courage.

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