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Sunday: February 17

Published: 3:51PM Tuesday February 12, 2013 Source: Sunday

Guilty plea a decade on

It took 10 years, but this week Mark Packenham finally admitted what had been suspected all along.  He killed mother-of-three Sara Niethe.  A decade ago, the convicted woman basher sat down and chatted to Sunday, denying outright that he had any part in Sara's disappearance. Subsequently, that interview, the Sunday tape, was seized by police as evidence. It features in a special report from Pete Cronshaw.

The Otara overture
One's called Harmony and the other Love-Lee - two cute eight-year-olds who are unwittingly breaking down popularly held misconceptions about their tough south Auckland neighbourhood.
The widely-held belief is that Otara means gangs, drugs and  violence. But Harmony and Love-Lee are a new generation bringing new hope and new pride through a ground-breaking social experiment - through the magic of music. This is the moving and uplifting story about a bunch of kids and Beethoven making a difference.

If you love the kids in Sunday's Otara Concerto story, and want to know how you can help the budding maestros, go to Sistema Aotearoa's website here.

Correspondent - Ian Sinclair
Producer - Steve Butler
Cameras - Dave Pierce and Ken Doorman
Editor - Will Kong

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