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Eleanor Catton 'incredibly impressed' by Lorde

Published: 1:33PM Sunday March 23, 2014 Source: ONE News

Five months on from becoming the youngest ever winner of literature's most prestigious honour - the Man Booker Prize - life has changed for Eleanor Catton.

Writing the winning novel The Luminaries, she spent seven days a week hunched over her laptop.

Now, her days are back-to-back writers' festivals, book signings, lectures and more awards - this week she was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit at a ceremony in Wellington.

"I couldn't possibly say yes to everything that's coming my way," she told TV ONE's Sunday programme. "It doesn't leave very much time for reading!"  

The attention has its upsides. Her publishers announced last week that sales of The Luminaries have topped 100,000 in New Zealand alone.

And of course there was the chance late last year in New York to hobnob - and hop into bed with - another young Kiwi superstar: Lorde.

"I was incredibly impressed by her," Eleanor says. "More pop stars need to be like her I think&she's intelligent and not afraid to show it."

But success comes with a price, too.

"Sometimes I'll read something on Twitter and I'll just be in the darkest of moods for the rest of the day or the rest of the week sometimes."

Eleanor says it can be hard to ignore bad reviews and online harassment - like the suggestion that she was "sleeping with the Booker judges." 

"I've had countless reviews sort that have made me cry. It's funny, it doesn't ever get better either, you can't turn your ears off.

"You don't ever really develop a thick skin."

 The Luminary - the story of Eleanor Catton screens on SUNDAY, 7pm TVOne.

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