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Dob in the boss

Published: 1:42PM Wednesday November 03, 2010 Source: Sunday

Dob in the boss

Pigs and chickens have found a powerful and wealthy ally. A mystery multi-millionaire is promising rewards of thousands of dollars to farm workers who report their employers for cruelty to animals. There's a $2 million war chest aimed at freeing pigs, and chickens crowded into cages. It's a new offensive in the war against sow crates and battery farming and the millionaire has pledged to spend until the job is done.

CAMERA Dave Pierce
EDITOR Will Kong

Check out information from the Animal Justice Fund and SAFE.

Check out information from the Pork Industry Board.  

Grubby China
It's mesmerising the world with the scale and speed of its economic and industrial development - and trying very hard to keep a lid on the grubby consequences. Rivers are turning black and toxic,  and skies are turning black and suffocating. Workers are getting frustrated and angry. They're also getting sick and they're dying. It's a big price to pay for China's progress and Chinese authorities are not keen for us to know about it, let alone see it. Nevertheless we persevere - and take you into this remarkable and ultimately disturbing territory, upsetting government officials along the way.



John Grisham is described as a master of the legal thriller and one of the world's most widely read storytellers. He has another nail biter out, with a modest first run of 1.5 million copies in time for the Christmas market. It's a twisted tale about a convicted rapist, and the minister who helps an innocent man who is days away from execution. Suffice to say, for every innocent man inside, there's a guilty one outside. John Grisham talks about justice, his passions, and writing books of course.


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