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Sunday: Are immigration laws up to the job?

Published: 3:28PM Wednesday April 08, 2009 Source: Sunday

Llewellyn William Burchell is an extraordinarily unpopular man across Auckland's North Shore. People who dealt with Burchell, a South African immigrant, cannot believe he is still in New Zealand. They want him out, deported, sent home. Burchell has been convicted and jailed for threatening to kill and assault . There have also been complaints of intimidation, questionable financial schemes and wilful damage, yet the law allows him to stay put. Are our immigration laws up to the job?

They're unhealthy, dangerous and even deadly. In fact bullies are becoming the most important public health issue impacting on young people today. And despite the millions of dollars being spent combating bullying, why are we failing? To make things worse, cyberspace has become the new medium of choice for bullies and cellphones are the new weapons of choice for bullies. Now bullies can be faceless as well as dangerous. A provocative insight into bullies and the bullied.

Chimp heaven
There's only a few hundred thousand left in the wild, and they could be extinct in the wild within 10 years. Now one man has made it his mission to save this threatened species in their natural home because he believes chimps will always be wild and their home is in the wild. SUNDAY gets rare access to a chimpanzee sanctuary called Eden.

SUNDAY - Where there's a story, we'll find it.

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